Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm in the market......

...... for a sewing machine. Well I figured I've done the hard slog and completed one quilt completely by hand, and I'm halfway through hand piecing quilt numero dos, but I think it's high time I invested in a sewing machine. Told DH that I need to make some darker curtains for Possum's nursery, so under this pretence I have had the go ahead to make a purchase (but we all now the real reason - QUILTING!)

Possum has accompanied me in her HotSling on my quest, trawling around the shops in Singapore and the main brand I can find is Brother. I don't want to spend toooo much on said sewing machine, as I want to make sure I will definitely use it lots and won't lose interest in a few months (my usual style with hobbies). There are two models I've seen in Best Denki, the XL2220 (reasonable price) and the XL5700 (more expensive).

So here's where I need some advice; the more expensive model has a lever for lowering the feed dogs to allow me to machine quilt, and according to the lady in the shop the cheaper model has a thingy-mag-ig which fits over the feed dogs to allow me to quilt. So the upshot, do I go for it and buy the more expensive which I know I can quilt on, or save my pennies (sensible in the current economic climate) and get the cheaper one.

Answers on a postcard if you please (or alternatively just leave me a comment!)

(and here's a pic on Possum in her sling, outside Orchard MRT station)



  1. Thanks for entering my draw, good luck;)Your little possum is so cute!

  2. I love sewing machine talk! I know that the cheaper one would be more sensible, but if you sacrifice too much in terms of quality, it might just lead to frustration I think....and maybe turn you off to quilting altogether. (I'm speaking from the experience of owning a 99$ Singer from Walmart!)I upgraded to a more expensive machine, and its so easy to use that it really makes sewing more of a joy. But then again, if the only difference is the feedogs, then the cover sounds the same as the lowering mechanism...if they both achieve the same thing...then it makes more sense to save your money. It's a tough choice!