Thursday, June 4, 2009


Possum and I are just embarking on our adventure into "real food". We're following the BLW, or Baby Led Weaning approachand it's going real well. (Here's the website if you're interested). It's based on a paper research and written by Gill Rapley, basically you put real food in front of a 6 month old and let them feed themselves and eat what they want. So no purees and no spoon feeding. It's so much FUN! So far we've tried, strawberries, bread, mango, broccoli, baby sweetcorn, yoghurt, asparagus and bread.

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  1. ah, I remember the days, except B was one when we she became a member of our family, and her diet was limited. so she tried EVERYTHING, and spit out a lot! dropped a lot on the floor, rubbed a bunch in the hair etc etc etc.... ;-)
    have fun!