Monday, September 28, 2009

A new week.

Well another week rolls, by......

I kind of got a bit behind on the Fall Colour Week, and I'm afraid short of going and buying some plums, I give up with plum! But here's Thursday Chestnut, our lovely family dog, who sadly went up to the big kennel in the sky last week : (

I finished my friendship bag and posted it on Friday, but being the complete numpty that I am I forgot to take a picture of it before I posted it, maybe my partner will take a picture when she receives it. Also in the post I posted back the DVDs which my MIL had sent that week - wrong envelope - we hadn't even watched them!!!
I have a deadline this week, the birthday quilt which is in progress ....... birthday is on Wednesday! Party isn't until Saturday so maybe I could give myself a little extension! But I've had quilted some bit and started machine quilting, but I just couldn't get the tension right, and then I got lots of tucks in the fabric, so I'm unpicking all that and then I'll have to decide what quilting to do........

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday Fall Colour Week - Goldenrod

The colour of Jiffy envelopes which the postman brings contain recordings of X-Factor! Yay!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Friendship Bag Swap

I've been beavering away at the bag for the Friendship Bag Swap, and I'm very nearly finished, then I just need to fill it with some goodies and sent it off to it's new European home.

I've been checking out all the blogs from the list of other swappers and so far haven't found one which I think is heading my way, I v much looking forward to receiving mine, and even more excited about my European swap partner getting hers!


Tuesday Fall Colour Week - Burnt Sienna

Day Two of Fall Colour Week is Burnt Sienna - Meg from Elsie Marley describes Burnt Sienna as like the rooftops of Sienna - how about a picture of the rooftop of Sophia?

It's not actually Burnt Sienna, some would call it "ginger", others "red", hairdressers have told me it's "Titian" so as Titian was Italian (but from no-where near Sienna) I think it counts!


Monday Fall Colour Week - Brick Red

Elsie Marley is hosting a Fall colour week, based on Crayola crayon names, so I thought I'd play along, despite there being a complete lack of seasons here in Singapore!

I'm running a little behind as yesterday was a public holiday here in Singapore and was spent doing fun family stuff, but the way I figure is it's still Monday in the US so I think this post counts! Yesterday was Brick Red, so here's my pic, it's of the Buddha Tooth Temple in Chinatown.

Tomorrow is Burnt Sienna.....


Monday, September 14, 2009


Here's my latest WIP, it's the birthday present quilt for a friend, and here are the blocks all sewup, threads trimmed and pressed.....

Next came laying them out to plan the quilt layout...

Then came the ginger possum destruction unit, and this is the aftermath!


Friday, September 11, 2009

Another beach ball and a new project

We're back from a little holiday to Bali, which was fabulous, for the trip I made Possum a little beach ball with some of my prized Far Far Away fabrics, she seems to love it which is pleasing!

And now my next project...... a 1st Birthday present for a friend's daughter. I order some fabrics from afabricoutlet on Etsy, and I pulled together this bunch of fabrics for it, what do you think?

Now I think I will pre-wash these - that must be the worst bit of making a quilts! Then the cutting up, then my favourite bit sewing the first few pieces together. Although I think the bestest bit of making a quilt is that last seem which finishes the top - what's your favourite part of the quilt making process?