Monday, September 28, 2009

A new week.

Well another week rolls, by......

I kind of got a bit behind on the Fall Colour Week, and I'm afraid short of going and buying some plums, I give up with plum! But here's Thursday Chestnut, our lovely family dog, who sadly went up to the big kennel in the sky last week : (

I finished my friendship bag and posted it on Friday, but being the complete numpty that I am I forgot to take a picture of it before I posted it, maybe my partner will take a picture when she receives it. Also in the post I posted back the DVDs which my MIL had sent that week - wrong envelope - we hadn't even watched them!!!
I have a deadline this week, the birthday quilt which is in progress ....... birthday is on Wednesday! Party isn't until Saturday so maybe I could give myself a little extension! But I've had quilted some bit and started machine quilting, but I just couldn't get the tension right, and then I got lots of tucks in the fabric, so I'm unpicking all that and then I'll have to decide what quilting to do........


  1. sorry about your doggie. RIP.
    good luck finishing the quilt in time! nothign like being under pressure

  2. Your friendship bag arrived yesterday! It's beautiful and I like all the extra's very much ... sushi is my favorite food ;-) Thanks very much!!
    Ofcourse I made a picture of it, you can see it on my blog