Tuesday, November 3, 2009


My blocks for the Sis Boom Pow! block gather are all done and I'll be posting them off to V in NYC tomorrow (weather permitting - the walk to the post office!), and my Black and White quilt top is done too, I'm just waiting for the bacing fabric to arrive from Spoonflower. I can't wait to see the fabric, it should be here soon as it was post two weeks ago tomorrow! It's dark here now, but I'll take photos of the blocks and the quilt top in the morning sunshine and post tomorrow.

In the meantime, have you seen the new Block Party quilt along? There's a giveaway over on the
blog to celebrate.



  1. thanks for visiting my bog...good luck on the giveaway

  2. Thanks for stopping by for the giveaway on my blog! I hope you got your Spoonflower order!

  3. hi, merry christmas to you... i love your artworks and love quilting but have not the chance to try it out due to my hectic schedule & my machine is spoilt! The only quilt that I did was my one & only denim coasters!! that was ages ago... I always shopped on www.etsy.com for such things, was wondering do you sell any items? would be convenient for me since I am staying in Singapore... Again, enjoy your weekends!