Wednesday, July 8, 2009


This super cool and groovy art installation stands in the foyer of the National Museum of Singapore. I love the contrast of something so hard and associated with violence and war - turned pink and girly. All the shades of pink together make me want to make a pink quilt! And the batik banners on the walls are just yummy.

And here's a pic of the the Chinese New Year decorations at the Paragon, I love the red and black, with the bright white light shining out - this makes me want to make a Chinese inspired quilt.

But I've made a rule for myself - one quilt at a time! And until the Whirlygiggle quilt is finished I MUST NOT start another! I'm just over halfway through handquilting the blocks, then I'm going to brave some machine quilting in the border (only straight lines!) - watch this space for an update!


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