Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First Post

I've been so inspired over the last few months by all the quilting and crafting blogs which I've read, that I decided to have a go myself. So here we go.......

I took a quilting class back in September and I am just about to finish sewing on the binding of the quilt.

It's been a labour of love. It's all 100% hand peiced and hand quilting - so progress has been slow. And on the subject of labour - my waters broke while I was quilting it! The quilt was destined for my baby girl - however she decided to show up two and a half weeks early - and I had only just started the quilting. Since the birth of Sophia I've been snatching the odd 20 minutes here and there to get it finished.
I'd love to make lots of quilts like all the ones I see on the quilting blogs, and hopefully I will when time allows.

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